Over the past 10 years, walking outside has become a significant part of my life, a source of both health and happiness. Initially I was resistant, but having a smartphone in my pocket transformed the activity into a marvelous experience.

Since I took up this form of exercise, the quality of digital image capture devices imbedded in what are still referred to as phones has been steadily increasing. These light and slender devices are more like the Leatherman, Gerber and SOG of digital technology and communication. Current versions also feature a variety of editing choices.

As a busy working professional photographer and teacher, leisure and personal time come at a premium. Having the option to spontaneously stop and record a visual moment, without carrying a traditional camera and assorted lenses, and having that record immediately available on multiple platforms is indeed a special capability.

Walking is a solitary act. Photographing is a solitary act. For me, it is a perfect pairing that has opened a new world of creative opportunity.


All images presented here are captures made with an iPhone 8-Plus. The images were cropped and edited with the Instagram suite of editing tools and are 27mb tiffs, after cropping square.

The captures were originally visualized to suit the square format.

Barney Taxel
Instructor, Digital Color I and II
Instagrams: barneytaxel and taxelcreative

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